Reviewer talk: 30min + 10min
Contribution talk: 15min + 5min
19 (Sun) Feb., 2017 16:00 - Registraion
17:00 - Welcome reception
20 (Mon) Feb., 2017 08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-09:10 (10) T. Tatsumi "Opening"
09:10-09:50 (40) S. Tsuruta "Thermal Evolution of Neutron Stars"
09:50-10:30 (40) C. H. Lee "Strangeness in neutron star cooling"
10:30-10:50 (20) T. Noda "Cooling of Compact Stars with Nucleon Superfluidity and Quark Superconductivity"
10:50-11:10 (20) coffee

11:10-11:50 (40) Y. Suwa "From supernovae to neutron stars"
11:50-12:30 (40) H. Shen "Equation of state for supernovae and neutron stars"
12:30-12:50 (20) H. Togashi "New table of supernova equation of state using a variational method and its application to astrophysical compact objects"
12:50-14:00 (70) Lunch

14:00-14:40 (40) Y. Sekiguchi "Exploring physics of neutron star matter by gravitational waves"
14:40-15:00 (20) H. Sotani "Protoneutron star properties via gravitational wave asteroseismology"
15:00-15:20 (20) Y. M. Kim "Current efforts to the observation of a Gravitational-wave signal from a Neutron Star"
15:20-15:40 (20) T. G. F. Li "Prospects of constraining the nuclear equation of state with gravitational-wave signals in the Advanced detector era and beyond"
15:40-16:00 (20) coffee

16:00-16:40 (40) T. Enoto "X-ray Observation of Neutron Stars"
16:40-17:00 (20) M. Kim "Estimation of Neutron star mass and radius by introducing spin frequency in LMXBs"
17:00-17:20 (20) M. Matsuo "Density functional approach to superfluid phonon in inner crust of neutron stars"
17:20-17:40 (20) Tomoyuki Maruyama "Cooling Process of Magnetars with $\nu {\bar\nu}$-Pair and Axion Emissions in Relativistic Quantum Approach"
21 (Tue) Feb., 2017 09:00-09:40 (40) T. Takatsuka "Hyperon Mixing and Two Serious Problems in Neutron Stars"
09:40-10:00 (20) T. Muto "Equation of state with kaon condensation and hyperons in dense matter"
10:00-10:20 (20) L. W. Chen "Old pulsars as a probe of dark matter"
10:20-10:40 (20) G. Peng "Quark Matter and Quark Stars"
10:40-11:00 (20) coffee

11:00-11:40 (40) T. Tatsumi "Inhomogeneous chiral phase in dense quark matter"
11:40-12:00 (20) C. Xia "Nuclear matter, quarkyonic matter and their transitions in hybrid stars"
12:00-12:20 (20) S. Yasui "Kondo effect in dense matter"
12:20-13:40 (80) Group photo, Lunch

13:40-14:20 (40) P. Zhuang "Strongly interacting matter in magnetic field"
14:20-14:40 (20) H. Tong "The physics of magnetar magnetosphere"
14:40-15:00 (20) T. G. Lee "On the possibility of a FFLO neutron superfluid in the magnetar crust"
15:00-15:20 (20) coffee

15:20-15:40 (20) N. Yamamoto "From chirality of neutrinos to supernovae"
15:40-16:00 (20) L. M. Lin "Gravitational Wave Signatures of Crystalline Color Superconductors"
16:00-16:20 (20) M. C. Chu "Neutrino and gravitational-wave signatures of quark stars"
16:20-16:40 (20) N. Yasutake "Hydrostatic equilibria of rotating stars with realistic equation of state"

16:40-18:00 (80) Poster session

18:30- Banquet
22 (Wed) Feb., 2017 09:00-09:40 (40) A. Ohnishi "High Density EOS; Heavy-Ion Collisions, Compact Stars and Strangenes"
09:40-10:00 (20) C. Chatterjee "Zero modes of non-Abelian vortices in dense QCD and their effective action"
10:00-10:20 (20) K. Kashiwa "Topological nature of deconfinement transition in QCD"
10:20-10:40 (20) H. Sako "Studies of the QCD phase diagram with heavy-ion collisions at J-PARC"
10:40-11:00 (20) coffee

11:00-11:40 (40) Y. Kim "Dense Matter Physics with Rare Isotopes"
11:40-12:00 (20) M. Harada "Effect of partial chiral symmetry restoration in nuclear matter to charmed meson masses based on a chiral partner structure"
12:00-12:20 (20) D. Suenaga "The change of spectral function for excited D meson with partial restoration of chiral symmetry in nuclear matter"
12:20-12:40 (20) W. Zuo "Properties of asymmetric nuclear matter"
12:40-14:00 (80) Lunch

14:00-14:20 (20) A. Li "Internal plateau in short GRBs and quark stars"
14:20-14:40 (20) X. Zhou "Dependence of pulsar death line on the equation of state"
14:40-15:00 (20) R. Xu "Strangeon Matter in Astrophysics"
15:00-15:20 (20) K. S. Lee "Hybrid Strange Quark Star"
15:20-15:40 (20) H. Y. Ryu "Light-front quark model analysis of the $P(pi,eta,eta') to gamma gamma^*$ transition form factors"
15:40-15:50 (10) ** "Concluding remark"

List of Poster Presentations (01) H. Abuki "Ginzburg-Landau phase diagram under magnetic field"
(02) T. Endo "Impact of the rotation effect on quark-hadron hybrid stars"
(03) H. Gil "KIDS nuclear energy density functional: 1st application in nuclei"
(04) D. Hou "On ground states of the cores of compact star"
(05) T. Kim "Hyperons and neutron star in Relativistic Mean Field Model"
(06) T. Liu "Active galactic nuclei and physics of accretion disk"
(07) S. C. Leung "The effects of admixed dark matter on accretion induced collapse"
(08) Toshiki Maruyama "Kaon condensation and hyperon mixture in inhomogeneous neutron star matter"
(09) H. Matsuoka "Spin polarization and color superconductivity in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model"
(10) K. Nakazato "Neutrino Observation of Core Collapse Supernovae"
(11) T. H. Pang "Studying the Tidal Deformability of Compact Stars Through Gravitational Wave from Binary Mergers: The Effect of Including Post-Merger Phase"
(12) B. Park "Effects of Rare Isotope Reaction Rates on the X-ray Burst"
(13) G. Seong "Study on X-ray burst with radiation transfer"
(14) H. Sotani "Hybrid stars as a third family of compact objects"
(15) Z. Wang "Strangeon Matter in a Liquid Drop Model"
(16) J. F. Xu "EOS of quark matter and hybrid star"
(17) Y. Yan "The influence of SRC on the EoS of Compact Stars"
(18) S. Zha "Gravitational-wave and neutrino signals from core-collapse supernovae with QCD phase transition"
(19) E. Zhou "Spin up limit of compact stars"
(20) T.-G. Lee "Effect of the fluctuation at the inhomogeneous chiral phase transition"